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The Story

Isolated on the American frontier the town of Redemption casts a dark shadow. The arrival of a stranger forces long kept secrets into the light and reveals a greater threat to the town and its inhabitants.

Judgment awaits the living and the dead as a forlorn group of gunfighters and settlers must fight for their lives against a primeval supernatural terror. Night approaches, and with it comes The Dark Hours.

The Dark Hours is a three issue mini-series combining western and horror genres. The first issue sets the stage as the town of Redemption receives a visit from a stranger hell bent on restoring order and justice.  These actions, however, upset a dark and unseen presence placingRedemption and its townsfolk in grave and immediate danger.

The Dark Hours: Issue #1

The Dark Hours: Issue #1

At first, it seems as though Judge has ridden into Redemption to make things right and set the people of the town on the path of righteousness.

However, it is quickly revealed that his purpose is much darker and much more ominous. Judge is a man searching … hunting … a supernatural foe who will be fully revealed in issue #2.

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