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Review from Influx

The first official review of The Dark Hours comes from Influx Magazine Managing Editor, Nav Qateel!

“Comic books, are a very entertaining medium, and that being the case, I occasionally work my way through any that catch my eye. Now, the last time I read a cowboy comic, I honestly couldn’t say, because most that came my way, were usually of the science fiction/horror genre , so getting a chance to read a yet unreleased copy (It’s who you know kid), I literally jumped at the chance.

I first read The Dark Hours in May, and loved it from start to finish, and this was for two reasons really. The first was the illustrations, by Kyle Roberts, which were so sharp and cleanly rendered, they pop right out of the page. I’m admittedly a sucker for art, in all its many guises, so appreciate when it’s handled with care and attention to detail, as Mr Roberts has so clearly done. And the second, was the intelligent narrative, which kept me rapt throughout.”

Read the entire review here.

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